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Seriously people, you shouldn't go to boyan_fraser's journal and rant your anger if you want to get to the root of this. He is locking entries by the minute. Soon all evidence will be gone unless someone screen capped it.

LJ abuse team should be put on this, and we should have (it might be too late already) been capping all evidence. Now there might not be enough to shut that journal down.
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There has been an incident of plagiarism of a story by Tham,

In Principio.

This person has also been plagiarizing other entries from Tham's journal. The incident was reported to this community by bofoddity. If you read the entry, it's clear that SV fen are already out in force to defend.

If anyone knows if there is a way to bar this individual from further access to Tham's LJ, please point us in the right direction. Is this grounds for contacting the Abuse Prevention Team? and if so, will they do anything?
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O & E update

simplelyric has been engaged in efforts to have Thamiris' Odysseys and Ecstasy site transferred to our control. It looks as though success is in the near future; stay tuned for details as progress is made.

Question for community members, and particularly donors to the tham_preserved campaign: how do you guys feel about a Tribute page being added to the website (for various reasons we decided against trying to include one on her (permanent) LJ). We'd like to hear your opinions, though we can't absolutely guarantee at this point that it will happen. This would be a page where friends and fans can post memories, etc.

Thanks to all of you for your continued interest and support.
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This is not the kind of peace I'll hold.

It bothers me a lot that thamiris' username now appears in bold text when people use the LiveJournal coding for it in entries and comments, like the usernames of all the journals being deleted do. The only reason I've been able to guess for the alteration is that it's another, delayed effect of her account being given Memorial status -- which I'll readily admit was given upon my request of the LJ folks, based on other Friends' and my understanding that it would help protect her journal from being deleted for disuse -- prior to our Permanent upgrade purchase for her account. Do any of you know of other Memorial journals, so we could compare?

I'm not going to ask anyone officially connected with LJ about it at this point, because drawing attention could lead to significantly more harm than good, I think. You're welcome to share any reasons why you disagree with that.

Thamiris' username still appears on my userpage in my Friends and Mutual Friends lists, despite some of our earlier issues with that. Her journal still seems to be intact when I go to the URL that is, unfortunately, no longer linked to her username via LJ code. However, I'm going to try to keep a close on her journal. If it disappears, I want to know right away, so, if you realize that it's gone and I haven't yet posted here about that, please, comment or otherwise alert me. If LJ attempts to take away her account now, I fully intend to organize an appeal and do anything else we can to get it back and to keep it.

Also, to keep everyone up to date, I'm continuing to try to get answers on how we can preserve Odysseys and Ecstasy and how best the additional money everyone donated for her site can support that cause. Please, please, comment with any information you have about mirroring, transferring, and otherwise maintaining the site as Thamiris did. The host owner is leaning toward taking down the entire slashaholics site for personal reasons, which we need to respect, if no other compromise regarding the O & E site as it is can be reached. So, ideas of alternatives would be much appreciated. And, if you hadn't already specified that you wanted your extra donations to go to the charity Thamiris that had designated instead of toward O & E maintenance, but you would now like to do so, feel free to let us know (privately to tham[underscore]preserved[at]yahoo[dot]com, if you prefer).
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(no subject)

Just to keep everyone informed, I wanted to mention that the current fund balance -- decreased by the $150 already spent on the Permanent account for thamiris, but increased by continued donation -- is $277.50. Again, we will let you know (and give you as much say as possible) in how much of your contributions goes where.
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(no subject)

One thing I wanted to give everyone a heads-up about:

Thamiris' journal seems to have an annoying habit of "unfriending" people now and then. It's happened to me (even while she was alive, and since, too) and to a number of others. As far as I/we can tell, this apparent action doesn't really have results--you can still read locked entries and are still listed on her userinfo page. The only way you can tell is by looking at Joule.

If anyone from her family has access to her LJ, of course we have no control over this. But it's so random and odd that it does indeed, just seem like an LJ glitch. Anyway, if this has happened to enough people for it to be a concern, leave a comment below and I will be happy to query the LJ folks about it to see if they have an explanation.
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It's official:

Scroll down to Account Type.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed. Your generosity made it all possible. And thanks to simplelyric for doing most of the work, and web and $$$ management.

Me? I'm delighted we were all able to work together to honor Tham's memory by anchoring the journal we all enjoyed so much. Her words, wisdom and kindness will live forever on those pages just the way she left them, to be enjoyed by us all.

Rest in peace, Tham.
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quirky surprise

There's a lot of love in the room.

Wow. thamiris had some amazing friends in you folks. I've just tallied up the donations to this point, and they already total $341.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
341 / 150

A few of you stated your preference between having any surplus from your donations go to Odysseys and Ecstasy or to the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation, and the rest didn't specify. Alison and I were going to assume that we could put the rest toward O & E, with the understanding that, if we could not sort out how to support the Web site, the remaining money would go to the RCHF instead. We would post an update when we put the money toward either cause so that you'd all know exactly how much was going where.

Anyone who'd like may continue to contribute to the fund, with the knowledge that the money could be applied as outlined above. Please, feel free to post any personal tributes to thamiris here in the community as well, like I mentioned earlier.

On a parallel note, par_avion made a proposition in a comment to my earlier entry. If we fail in our efforts to find a way to maintain O & E, we -- everyone here -- could also use this community as a repository for the stories, essays, and other materials Thamiris had posted on her Web site. We likely wouldn't be able to duplicate the style in which they were posted, but we could at least preserve all her words from there, possibly with screenshots of how the pages originally looked. Thinking about it, I suppose, if donors were in favor, we could make this community account Permanent for that purpose as well.

Share your $0.02 on any or all of this.
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(no subject)

Hi, Gang,

We had a question in the comments to the inaugural post:

What's the point of buying Tham's account Permanent status when it has already been made a Memorial account?

Kim and I attempted to present the rationale in earlier entries which were not cross-posted here as they predated the community. Some readers undoubtedly missed them. Here are the links:



If you don't want to wade through all that, here's the summary:

To quote the Support message, "This means that no new entries can be posted, although comments can be left to existing entries," and entries already in existence will stay that way. However, the Memorial status does not protect her journal style or her userpictures from fading away, and after six months, all but three of her userpics will vanish from her allpics page, from the entries/comments with which she posted them, and from our view.

If we were to go ahead with the idea of buying thamiris Permanent account status, that would not happen. Her journal would be preserved as it was when she was alive.

We think it's a worthy cause, and earlier response to the proposal has indicated others do as well. So the opportunity to support the effort is available, and all donations, however small, are welcomed. More details about what any excess funds (should we be so lucky!) will be used for are in Kim's entry above.
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