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Preserving Thamiris' LJ and memory

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Plagiarism [Jan. 4th, 2008|09:50 am]
Preserving Thamiris' LJ and memory


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There has been an incident of plagiarism of a story by Tham,

In Principio.

This person has also been plagiarizing other entries from Tham's journal. The incident was reported to this community by bofoddity. If you read the entry, it's clear that SV fen are already out in force to defend.

If anyone knows if there is a way to bar this individual from further access to Tham's LJ, please point us in the right direction. Is this grounds for contacting the Abuse Prevention Team? and if so, will they do anything?

[User Picture]From: waltzingalong
2008-01-05 07:42 pm (UTC)
I've been keeping an eye on the threads here, at journalfen, and related links, so that, if we do go forward with the idea of sending that message, I will do my best to make sure we're not contacting anyone we know already has learned what B_F has been doing.

I was actually alerted to this whole sorry situation by a message via LJ's private message system. If I got this message, I'm assuming everyone else on BF's f-list did too so they must all have been informed by now. When I read this thread, I just assumed it was from you guys -- just thought I'd let you know that someone's sent out a message already.

I've already defriended the guy... anything that was related to this seemed to have been made private and at the time it seemed like there was no point hanging around when I could no longer get caps. Kinda wish I'd stuck around now to see if he posts anything else about this that I could've capped for you guys, but I was so totally disgusted my visceral reaction was "UGH DEFRIEND".

What a weasel, man. There are just no words. I'm glad I didn't know him at all well and I'm sorry that this has dredged up painful memories for a lot of you. I hadn't heard of Thamiris until today, but it seems like she was a class act.
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